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May 26, 2018

Pushing yourself forward.

According to research, the chances of another you exisiting in this world is a crazy 1:400,000,000,000!  That is right, one in 400 trillion. And, by another "you", I mean another person with even the same DNA as you! 

So, if we know we are so incredibly amazing and unique, why is it that whenever we have an amazing idea, project or thing we would want to do we procrastinate? Is it fear, lack of motivation or lack of resources? Are we simply too comfortable?

Often, we get this nudge within ourselves that speaks to us with phrases such as "go on, get off the couch and do it! can do it.....this may be just the moment I was waiting for...hmmm...if only I had this.....or our timeless favourite: I will start tomorrow".

I learnt from a TED talk that impulses that prompt us to take action usually last 5 seconds. This means that if we don't act within 5 seconds, the moment just passes us by and we get stuck in our routinely lives. 

If we wait for motivation to come to us to be fearless and do and be whoever we want to be, we will never accomplish anything and will continue to live an O.K. life rather than an extraordinary one.

In my opinion, motivation only exits in theory. We will never feel like doing that killer workout, or eating Kale and broccoli as a side dish instead of fries, or getting out of bed at 6.00am Vs. pressing on the snooze button...

It is by pushing yourself forward that you get to do all of those things rather than waiting for when we feel motivated to do it that we actually start doing it.



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