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Our Story

My Boho is born from a passion to celebrate women from all around the world. We have a desire to understand our own beauty within ourselves as we unveil our own journey in life. 

Our mission is to sell high quality fashion products that reflect this beauty within that all women should feel and project it to their friends and families. Building on confidence, love and passion.

We try to source sustainable fabrics that are ethically manufactured. We are also pro Climate Cohort and have taken small steps to implement real changes that reflect this in a sustainable manner.  We have initiated the redesign of our packaging - moving away from plastic - and are being more selective on partnering with suppliers and manufacturers that also share our vision of reducing carbon emissions.

Our vision is to provide a fusion of boho chic & contemporary apparel to the Australian modern women and the world, by offering international shipping.

At the core of our mission is corporate philanthropy.

We are currently working with various non for profit organisations to form strong alliances that allow us to bring help to those parts of the world where help is needed the most. We will be keeping you informed of our philanthropic projects through our blog very soon.

Thank you for learning about us!

My Boho